舞韵俱乐部 ( iDance Club),成立于2010年。由来自RTP地区各行各业喜欢和热爱跳舞健身的姐妹们组成。我们在专业舞蹈老师的指导下,学习和练习中国舞蹈。我们积极参加社区活动,在罗利国际节,龙舟节和中国新年等等活动中,展示中国文化。

每个星期天下午4:15pm, 在 106 Pheasant Wood Ct, Morrisville, NC 27560 , 我们在老师的指道下学习中国舞蹈。


iDance Club was founded in 2010. It is made up of sisters in the RTP region who are from all walks of life and love dancing. Under the guidance from our dance professional teachers, we practice Chinese dance. We actively participate in community events and have showcased Chinese culture at Raleigh International Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese New Year.

Every Sunday in Cary from 4.15pm, at 106 Pheasant Wood Ct, Morrisville, NC 27560, we learn Chinese dance under our teacher’s guidance.

We welcome ladies who love dancing and are enthusiastic about team activities and community service to join our team.